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Business Leadership Excellence for Executives

                                                                   “Your Way to Success


An Intensive 10-Week 40-Sessions Executives Program

PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM For: Mid- to Senior-Level Managers and Supervisors, Functional Professionals, Strategic Planners, Change Agents and Future Leaders


Learn how to use the Business Core Competencies and skills to develop Leadership Excellence as your ONLY sustainable competitive advantage.

The mini-MBA programs have become increasingly popular in recent years, with business schools worldwide offering the busy executive an intensive introduction to the latest in business theory and practice. Many of these mini-MBA are short courses only, often with a recognized qualification being awarded.  Here at H&H, however, our innovative program really is the BLEX. H&H selected six modules from the highly-acclaimed Global MBA program, successful completion of which leads to a fully recognized Diploma. Few people can afford the one year – or the money – for an MBA course. But this does not mean that you cannot use the key principles of an MBA to your advantage in your day-to-day business life, the BLEX will give you the key business skills of an MBA but at a pace decided by you.

If you’re looking for Careers that will take you around the world and transform your professional lives and give you the edge you need in life the BLEXis your oyster. How the program impacts your career will depend on your past experiences, your current ambitions and the goals you have.



The BLEXTM:   Address your career development needs

  • Like the other Global MBA programs, the BLEX offers true flexibility in study modes to fit round the busiest of lifestyles. Integrated into each stage of your BLEX, the development program provides a framework for you to practice the tools and techniques that will develop you as an exceptional candidate for world-class recruiters.

  • Topics covered in the sessions include

  • Networking Corporate and Financial Responsibilities of Today's Manager
  • Building Your Brand: Thinking Like a Market Leader
  • Business Ethics for Business Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship within the Organization
  • Understanding Financial Statements: Making Smart Business Decisions
  • “Behind the Numbers”- Understanding the Role of Finance in Your Organization
  • Human Resources: Engaging People with Purpose
  • Economics That Matter: When to Leave Things to the Market and When to Override the Market
  • Leadership Beyond Management: Strategies That Work
  • Team Building: The Power of Achieving Results
  • Strategic Management and thinking


To complete the BLEX program, all drawn from the core of the Global MBA. All of the modules are available via classroom learning and take 60 days to complete. Participants may join the program from September. Completion of the BLEX leads to the award of a professional Diploma.

How will this program impact on your career?

Our world-class Career Services team is dedicated to building relationships with employers and fostering student development. Whether you are looking for a new career direction or wishing to gain a competitive advantage in your chosen field, we're here to make sure it happens.



This Professional BLEX™is unique and found nowhere else! It is like leveraging your Knowledge, Skills and Attitude by 5-years multinational experience and raising your IQ by 50 Points!


It dramatically increases your Revenues, Profits and Long-Term Sustainability.

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The program is delivered by a diverse and talented team of senior faculty in strategic management, finance, operations, marketing, and other disciplines. All of our faculty are active professionals with business and consulting expertise to ensure a dynamic and insightful balance and who are able to bridge theory and practice in the classroom. HHLA’s faculty covers areas such as: Organization Behavior & Development; Marketing Management; Human Resources; Strategic Management; Applied Economics; Finance & Financial Management; and Operations Management.

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In today's fast paced and highly competitive environment, managers who are closer to the front lines now have a greater span of influence within the organization playing a critical role as the driving force for corporate innovation and change, or more realistically corporate survival. Pressures and demands are growing, both individually and organizationally, for these middle managers to broaden their management and strategic perspectives as well as sharpen their ability to respond quickly and flexibly to increasingly complex management challenges.

Titled as the Business Leadership Excellence for Executives (BLEX), the program will provide future global leaders an excellent ground for practical training and life-long networking. The diversity of participants representing a variety of industries, functions and corporate cultures, will create an invaluable opportunity for managers who need to develop their professional and interpersonal instincts and skills to lead as effective managers in cross-functional and multi-cultural settings, Locally, Regionally and/or Globally.


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